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Gene Stovall & Thelonius Stretch

Gene Stovall

82 Concepts


Shane Pilster
Graffiti Artist Collaboration at Feast

My name is Shane Pilster. Since childhood my interest in computers and art and how they both can work together continues to inspire me to this very day. I have worked with ad agencies, non-profits, Fortune 500 companies, artists, musicians, corporate companies, startups, individuals, mural companies…I love all creative opportunities. 82 Concepts is my brand name. It encompasses the many mediums and services that I offer under one roof. Good design, strong use of color theory, clean and elegant typography, clean web code, out of the box creativity, around the clock service, and customer satisfaction are my main goals. The creation of eye catching websites / products / logos / illustrations / photography, and naturally will give you an edge in this highly competitive day and age. My drive to further my knowledge and skills in multiple creative and technical fields allows me to be a one stop shop for most projects. I love creative, innovative, stylized, and original ideas with design, print, art, photography and all creative endeavors. I also love digging into code, building interactive websites, using the latest technology, solving technical issues, and all around just being a nerd for all things technical.

Braddock Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh


Pop up mini-Library at Feast

I ♥ Braddock screenprinted stickers, sold & made on-site, benefiting Braddock Youth Project (

The Braddock Carnegie Library in Braddock, Pennsylvania, is the first Carnegie Library in the United States. Designed by William Halsey Wood in eclectic medieval style, it was built in 1888 and dedicated by Andrew Carnegie on March 30, 1889. An addition in more Richardson Romanesque style by Longfellow, Alden & Harlow (successors to HH Richardson) was added in 1893. The library was named a National Historic Landmark in 2012, following its listing on the National Register of Historic Places in 1973, and is on the Pittsburgh History and Landmarks Foundation’s List of Historic Landmarks. The Braddock Carnegie Library strives to perpetuate Andrew Carnegie’s original vision of their Library as a “Center of Light & Learning” for the community it serves. (@BraddockLibrary)

Nameless Entertainment


Aaron R. Howard

If you want your special day to be more than just another party, then you are going to need more than “Just a DJ”. Nameless Entertainment provides you with an experienced party professional that can help you with that!  Arron R. Howard’s love of music began very early in life, being exposed to many different forms of music, from eclectic jazz to the Temptations, and Earth Wind and Fire, even the likes of Pink Floyd. Arron received his first radio as a Christmas gift in 1977, which had seen it’s share of use. That radio fueled Arron’s passion for music. In the 80’s, Arron got a healthy dose of rap, punk, new wave, funk and soulful love songs, all of which had a hand in expanding his musical tastes. Creating mix tapes from the radio, and supplying the tunes for break dancing sessions and gatherings with friends, made Arron feel this was a hobby that was going somewhere. Throughout the years that followed, many upgrades from that first radio came along. In 1991, Arron started entertaining crowds at family reunions and picnics. After a major overhaul in 2001, Nameless Entertainment was officially created, and expanded services to include weddings, mitzvahs, and corporate events were added. Whether you would like an elegant affair, a high energy blowout, or something in between, your customized entertainment experience begins with a personal consultation.

DJ Selecta

Selecta (James Scoglietti) has been a DJ on and off the air for over 20 years and also co-hosts Grand Groove Radio on WYEP. Expect a mix of soul, funk, jazz and golden-era hip hop.



Mandy Fierens Photography

Official Braddock Feast Photographer


Hi, I’m Mandy! Currently residing in Pittsburgh, PA but I have lived many places and travel often for work and play! I reside with the love of my life on the top floor of an amazing 1920’s home that we are completely obsessed with and constantly decorating. With a background in fashion photography and styling, my style is detail oriented and timeless. I photograph your day with a documentary style and fine art feel. I am a one woman show. I answer your emails, create your photos, edit those photos, and everything in between. I want you to have the best  pictures ever. Because I truly care about documenting the best moments for you to cherish the rest of your lives.

The Bessemers



James Morrow – vocals, rhythm guitar | Mark Anderson – lead guitar,backing vocals | Gary Weiss – drums, backing vocals | Memphis Mike – bass, backing vocals |

The Bessemers are a Rock & Roll/Rockabilly/R&B group from Pittsburgh, PA. To call them a “super group” would not be a misnomer. Formed in 1994 by James Morrow and Mark Anderson as Ethel & Octane, which later became The Bessemers. Many drummers and bassists have come and gone, but the current line may be the most powerful yet, featuring the rhythm section of Gary Weiss on drums and Memphis Mike (taking a break from guitar to thump some bass). If you haven’t heard these cats yet…what are you waiting for?

The Beagle Brothers


Eric Brockschmidt | Read Connolly |Sam Cooper|Kyle Kline | Danny Rectenwald | Jeff Ritter | Ezra Smith | Gabriel Smith |  Noah Smith |

The Beagle Brothers have been Pittsburgh’s premiere country band for more than 8 years. They are the foundation of the “Bloomfield Sound,” which mixes honky-tonk and classic country with an accelerated, high energy performance. They have shared the stage with David Allan Coe, Reverend Horton Heat, and Wayne Hancock, as well as headlining performances for the Commonwealth Press Beer Barge and Pittsburgh’s annual Johnny Cash Day.

Jeremy Michael Raymer

Jeremy Michael Raymer


Jeremy Michael Raymer, also known as The Engineer, is a self taught artist hailing from Pittsburgh. He has been painting for over 10 years and primarily paints portraits. During the day he is a Senior Electrical Engineer at the Westinghouse Electric Company. In fact, scientists, engineers and innovators are frequent subject matters of his to pay homage to those who do not typically get the attention they deserve. He draws inspiration from photography of the 19th and early 20th centuries. Jeremy is drawn to nature and it’s inherent beauty, thus animals are also depicted in his works. Live painting is his forte, and he can be found creating works in all corners of the city. He loves to share the creative process with onlookers and allow them to watch the process unfold. Jeremy prefers to work on a large scale and has been adorning the city with murals over the past few years. His works can be seen in Lawrenceville, the Strip District, Homestead and beyond. He is driven by an unrelenting creative force and continually experiments with techniques and materials on which to paint. His goal is to make the world a more beautiful place through the creation of his art.

UnSmoke Systems Artspace



Artists: Amze Emmons | Kevin Haas, Sean P. Morrissey | Nicholas H. Ruth | Lenore Thomas |

UnSmoke Systems Artspace will open it’s doors for guests for Feast to view their current show Within/WithoutWithin/Without brings together a group of artists concerned with the built environment and how it represents and defines human culture. Curiosity, wonder, ambivalence, and critical reflection link these image makers in their efforts to highlight the mundane as an essential aspect of who we are.


Swag Monkeys

Winston Bell | Henry Schultz | Desmond Rucker

SwagMonkeyse are three Pittsburgh kids who have a passion for music. Winston, Desmond and Henry have been playing together since they were in third grade at Dilworth Elementary School. Philippa Zang spent a year with the band from April 2014 to April 2015, adding her own songwriting, guitar, and ukulele to the mix.

Royal Outlawz

Royal Outlaws

Supporting the children of Braddock and surrounding areas, to be an inspiration through dance.

Our mission for the Royal Outlawz is to tell a story and being an inspiration through dance. We will teach choreography, as we strive to encourage them too build an better their outlook on life. Giving the children of our community to come together and be as one. As they are the youth of our future, so we lead them in the present.

Mobile Sculpture Workshop


Mobile Sculpture Workshop will be displaying a piece at Braddock Feast that is a large scale patchwork book. The piece represents themes our students found within the dialogue we had with community members of Braddock. It’s made of reclaimed steel plate from industrial buildings around the area.

At the heart of the Industrial Arts Cooperative (IAC), is a commitment to serve the creative needs of its people through community outreach and collaboration. It is the mission of the IAC to inspire artistic literacy in the city of Pittsburgh and beyond by offering enrichment opportunities that advance the understanding and process of sculpture making artists and their work.